Should you apply oil before or after moisturizer?

It has been debating for quite a long time on Should you apply oil before or after moisturizer? Now the face oil debate is settled, the idea of applying from thinnest to thickest is gone old. No matter if a face oil claims to be lightweight serum it cannot be one as it contains hyaluronic […]

Beauty marks and moles what you need to know?

In an era of spotless beauty, when everyone is trying his or her best to get rid of all the Beauty marks and moles, you will be amazed to know that there are some facial marks that are considered in the checklist, which can certify you like a beauty queen. The description of these beauty […]

Marketing tips to promote your cosmetic brand effectively

The market is tough outside. A new brand has to deal with many challenges to survive. But you will be amazed after knowing that the cosmetic industry has created a business of $1.127 billion in 2018. It’s a huge market; you just need to plan your marketing trends to follow to promote your cosmetic brand […]

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