Difference between herbal, natural, Ayurvedic and organic products

There are many people who are confused and they truly face a dilemma when it comes to buying and understanding the difference between herbal, natural, Ayurvedic, and organic products. Well, these products have been really popular among people; still, the base difference they hold is not known by many.  Therefore, in this article, we will talk about herbal, natural, Ayurvedic, and organic products. Along with this, we will let you know, which […]

What is private labeling? A guide for 2021

Here is a complete guide for you to understand private labeling. Private label products are manufactured by third-party manufactures and are sold under the retailer’s brand name. Under private labeling, aspects related to the packaging of the product is under the retailer’s control. Basically, the retailer looks after some specifications of the product, such as […]

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