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5 ways to repair damaged hair : Tips for 2021

5 ways to repair damaged hair

Each of us crave for lustrous hair, that too, with a minimum effort. Well, damaged hair is something you cannot spend the rest of your lives with. However, there are many natural ways through which you can repair damaged hair at home. The chemical-based products that are applied to the hair are the major reasons that lead to damaged hair. Our scalp needs light and natural products to stay nourished. Lesser the care, more the damage.

In this article, we will give you some ways through which you can repair your already damaged hair.

How to repair damaged hair naturally?

Here are some home remedies for dry and frizzy hair. Have a look.

  • Apply yoghurt and oil – Yoghurt and curd when combined and applied, gives a sense of softness to the hair. Mix two tablespoons of yoghurt and any of the essential oils in a bowl. Apply the mixture to your hair and leave for some hours. After this, wash it off with a shampoo. You will realize how smooth your hair have become in a single wash.
  • Add egg yolk to your shampoo – It may be a lesser-known fact that egg smoothens the hair. You will find many hair-care products with egg. However, if you will yourself add the yolk to the shampoo, the smoothness it will offer to your hair will be notable. Just apply the shampoo-egg mixture to your hair and leave it for 5-7 minutes. After washing it off, you will see the difference. Make sure you apply the mixture once a week.
  • Apple cider vinegar mask – ACD has tremendous benefits and smoothening the hair is one of the main benefits. Add apple cider vinegar, 2-3 egg whites and 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a bowl and mix them off. Apply the mixture to your hair and cover the hair for an hour before washing it off. You will see a whole lot of refinement in the texture of your hair.
  • Banana – This fruit is not only good for health but also the hair. Mash a banana and add curd to it. Mix it off and apply to your hair. If you’ll apply this mixture every week for a month, you’ll finally manage to get the dream frizz-free hair. The fruit contains different vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates, potassium etc. which are enough for your hair to get adequate moisture and nourishment.
  • Avocado – Avocados have fatty acid and different vitamins which can further soften the roots of the hair. Mash an avocado and mix it with an egg. Apply the mixture and leave it for 30 minutes. Once you’ve done that, rinse it off. Avocado-egg mixture has certainly shown the best of results in treating damaged hair.

So, these are some of the easiest and natural ways to get rid of damaged hair. In addition to this, these are the natural products that you can use to give way to frizz-free and healthy hair. Do not forget to add these cures to your hair-care routine.  There could be many reasons which give rise to damaged hair. Chemical treatments, inappropriate environmental exposure, over-washing and shampooing of the hair etc. are some of the reasons which give way to frizzy and dry hair.

Regular conditioning can treat dry and damaged hair. Make sure you keep your hair tied-up for most of the time. Adding to this, apply oil to your hair on a regular basis. Sufficient moisture is the key to get rid of frizzy, dry and damaged hair. Moreover, oiling will also give a silky smooth look to the hair.

Your hair is an asset and they need immense care and maintenance. Follow the mentioned remedies twice a week and enjoy your dream-hair look, that too, with the least of struggles.

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