About US

About US

Cosmetify provides third party contract manufacturing for skincare, haircare, and personal care products.

We offer private labeling, and custom formulations for your brand dealing in skincare, haircare & personal care products. We have been present in the industry for years with a strong team of skilled, experienced, trained, and dedicated professionals.

Our Vision & Our Mission

Our Vision is to become one of the leading world-class cosmetic manufacturing company; thriving for our customer's success along with our company growth.

Our Mission is to manufacture high-quality herbal and natural skincare, haircare, and personal care products, through continuous innovation, timely commitments, and focus on delivering outstanding values to our customers and business associates.

Quality policy

Quality before quantity is one of our core values.

We continuously check and improve our quality standards at all stages of production. We develop quality formulations and take special care in choosing the ingredients that we use in them.

We strongly believe to establish long-term trust and relationship with clients we must focus on providing quality products and services.

Research & Development

Cosmetify has been involved in the development & production of many innovative and trending formulations since its inception.

We have our in-house, well-equipped laboratory with qualified staff to facilitate our clients with stability studies, quality testing, and analytical testing of the products.


Our manufacturing process has the capacity to undertake small orders as well as fulfill the requirements of bulk production.

We offer a complete range of services under one roof irrespective of the volume. Our manufacturing plant consists of the latest machinery with an eco-friendly and hygienic work environment.

All safety measures are taken at all times for the products being manufactured as well as our staff who dedicatedly puts their heart and energy in the production. Everything from the right machinery to technical know-how is ensured to procure and manufacture quality products.

Our Brand

Freshistry was created as an answer to mass-produced products that were designed to cater to everyone but benefitted no-one.

With customized skincare, body care and haircare we are prioritizing every individual.

Everything inside your Freshistry product has been thoughtfully formulated exclusively for you-from texture to ingredients-to provide exactly what you need and want for your best skin ever. we firmly believe that what you put on your body should perfectly suit you.


No Animal Testing
Paraben Free
Phthalate Free
Sulfate Free
Pure and natural
Organic Ingredients
Plant Based
Custom Formulations
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