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Active Ingredients VS. In-Active Ingredients: What is the difference?

Active Ingredients vs Active formulation

When it comes to skin, we turn really watch full while using different products and cosmetics. Well, we should know about the actual elements a product is made of. Adding to this, many a times when you read the ingredients of a cosmetic product, you often turn inquisitive to know the difference between active and inactive ingredients.

Read the entire article to know the difference between the same.

Active ingredients tend to have beneficial and positive effects on the body and gives way to particular results. “Active ingredients are defined as an ingredient or chemical compound that performs a function.”, says cosmetic chemist Vanessa Thomas. The active ingredient basically deals with whatsoever skin concern it is aimed at targeting. In addition to this, these ingredients are known to change and improve your skin in an effective way. For example, if you see a product, particularly claiming to hydrate the skin, then the ingredient known as Hyaluronic acid is the key active ingredient which will help to keep the skin hydrated in the first place. Therefore, the active ingredient is the idol ingredient in a cosmetic.

On the other hand, inactive ingredients are not known to perform a particular action on a person’s skin. They do not directly affect a person’s skin. However, they are still important. They are significant in delivering the overall performance in a product. The elements such as preservatives, stabilizers, fragrance, thickeners etc. are considered as inactive ingredients. They maintain the all-around balance of the product. In some cases, they can, perhaps, be used as binding agents.

In addition to this, active ingredients are completely approved by the FDA(Food and drug administration).

List of active skincare ingredients

SurfactantIt works as a cleansing agent for the skin.

AntioxidantsThey are known to prevent damage to cells.

ExfoliantIt is used to smoothen the skin by stripping off the dead skin.

Astringent – This is mainly used to open clogged pores and balances oil production in the skin.

List of inactive ingredients in skincare

Colour – It adds a balanced colour to the product.

Fragrance – It adds smell and enhances the aroma of the cosmetic.

Preservatives –It prevents any bacterial or fungal growth in the product.

So, in brief, this is all that you may need to know about active and inactive ingredients. Both of them have their own prominence. Let us move further and know the difference between active ingredients and active formulation.

Difference between the active ingredient and the active formulation

As already mentioned, the active ingredient is the key ingredient in a cosmetic or a drug. It is the ingredient which gives way to a particular result, while an active formulation is basically the process in which different chemical and other wanted ingredients, along with the active ingredients are mixed together. Adding to this, each of these ingredients is mixed in certain detailed ratios in order to give rise to a specific product.

The active formulation is a process that is followed by every such company, which is involved in making cosmetics or medical drugs (in case of a pharmaceutical company).

So, this is all about it. While using skincare products, you must be aware of all the products being used and the type they fall into. Both, active and inactive ingredients, when mixed together, create a particular product.

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