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Beauty marks and moles what you need to know?

In an era of spotless beauty, when everyone is trying his or her best to get rid of all the Beauty marks and moles, you will be amazed to know that there are some facial marks that are considered in the checklist, which can certify you like a beauty queen.

The description of these beauty marks is also seen in the romantic literature written by Shakespeare.

The iconic blemish of supermodel Cindy Crawford worried her a lot about her appearance. These iconic beauty marks have helped many models to stay on top of the list.

What are beauty marks?

Not every dark spot is considered beautiful, but there are some specific beauty marks on the face that are known to be iconic.

Some dark spots on the face, neck, shoulder and collar bone are seen as a sign of beauty.

So, do not run behind removing spots using expensive cosmetics.

Instead of that, carry your dark spots with full confidence and they are adding a plus point to your beauty.

What causes beauty marks?

A birthmark is what you are born with. But not every mark you get is gifted before you step into the world. So, it’s important to know what causes a mole to appear? Some are the result of

  • Excessive sunlight exposure
  • Side effects of cosmetics
  • Early stages of a growing skin disease
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Papule formation
  • Birthmark

What is the difference between beauty marks, moles, and freckles?

The same problem occurring at a different place has got different names. Even if they are similar in appearance, their different causes can be the reason for their different names.

Let us begin by finding what are moles?  The dark spots on the face, shoulder, neck, or collar bone seen other than a beauty mark, are considered as a mole.

We get the difference between mole and beauty mark but now freckles are creating confusion here. These look like the mole, but the cause of appearance is sunlight. If your skin is sensitive to the sunlight and the sun rays, then its harmful effect can be a possible reason for the occurrence of freckles.

How to treat a beauty spot?

If these beauty marks on your face make everyone out there jealous of your beauty, then why do most of you hate it so much?

Beauty marks are meant to make you look beautiful and different from others but are they trying to pull your confidence down? If yes, then you need to know how to treat these beauty spots.

You can try home remedies, cosmetics, surgery whatever you want to but if you are looking at the best ways to remove moles, here you go.

  • Exfoliate your skin

Make a paste of lemon juice, baking soda, and sugar, rub it gently on your skin. The sugar particles exfoliate the skin and the lemon will lighten up the dark spot.

  • Try the magic of essential oils

Massage your skin with a mixture of coconut and olive oil. This moisturizes your skin and makes it more glowing.

  • Protect your skin from the sun.

Sometimes the harmful sun rays lead to the occurrence of dark spots. It’s better you protect your skin from it. Use sunscreen whenever you go out of your house.

  • The scariest one is “SURGERY”

Is it getting serious and you just cannot survive with that small mark on your skin?  The last thing I could tell you is that you must undergo surgery. Let’s check out which surgery suits you the most.

  • Laser therapy

If you have a small-sized mole you can go for laser therapy. But remember, one session will not work, you must attend some more sessions to get rid of the mole from your skin and from your life too.

  • Excision

In case your dark spot is bigger, you need to go for this one.



Can moles disappear over time?

Of course, they can. What is a mole made up of? The hyper deposition of melanin, a pigment that makes our skin tone darker to protect it from harmful sun rays. Many times, the mole first gets smooth, then lightens up and gradually disappears on its own.

Just try to appreciate yourself the way you are. When you are confident about carrying your real beauty, any Beauty marks and moles are not going to make a difference at all.

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