Ceramides: The super supplement for supple & healthy skin

We’ve been hearing about them left, right, and center, and there seems to be no stopping anytime soon. Ceramides- they’ve been on the center stage for some time now. As and how people garner more and more information about skincare and its ingredients, this one stays at the top, especially whenever the term anti-aging pops up. However, more must be said about Ceramides, their benefits, and their details.

So what exactly are Ceramides, and what do they do?
Found naturally in our skin, these are lipids- the building blocks that hold the skin together and form about 50% of the stuff between our skin cells. They make a natural skin barrier and are vital in hydrating skin.
They are like the glue between your skin cells that holds them together and help to seal the moisture content while helping to keep harmful elements at bay.

Why do you need an additional source of Ceramides?
Exposure to sun, heat or harsh climates, pollution levels, and environmental stressors contribute to the depletion of ceramides present in our skin naturally, which can cause moisture loss, lead to the weakening of the skin barrier, drier skin, wrinkles, and can be a significant cause of skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, etc.
Due to these, working on replenishing ceramides is very important. It is achievable through supplements and topical application of ceramides-infused products.

Which skin types can use Ceramides?
Ceramides are also often called skin replicants- i.e., identical to skin. Since they are present in your skin naturally, all skin types can use ceramides. Products with ceramides carry them in names like Ceramide NP/ AP/ EOP/ NG OR NS.

Which ingredients work well with Ceramides?
Ceramides work great through moisturizers. To consider maximal benefits, pairing Ceramides with Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, Glycerine, Retinol, Plant oils, etc.

Ceramides V/S Hyaluronic Acid: What is better?
Now that it has been openly said that Ceramides are great at hydrating & moisturizing skin, how do we know which one is better? Both are equally popular, as we have seen.
Now the difference the two have is their function. While Hyaluronic Acid is a humectant, Ceramides are emollients. HA works to help your skin absorb the water content and make the skin look plump, supple, and hydrated. On the other hand, Ceramides fill in the creases and lines of your skin, so it holds moisture longer, which helps repair the skin barrier.
Thus, both ingredients are excellent for your skin and even better when paired together!

Key benefits of using Ceramides topically:

-Help reduce transepidermal water loss: Ceramides help replenish the lost moisture content and regulate the evaporation process.
-Help repair skin barrier: Since they fill in creases and lines on your skin, they contribute to a more substantial skin barrier that helps against external stressors.
-Do not irritate the skin: Unlike many potent skincare ingredients, Ceramides do not irritate the skin. They instead help ease irritated skin.
-Help restore lipid barrier: The ability of Ceramides to hold and redistribute water makes them an incredible pair when combined with other hydrating ingredients.

All these combined functions help make Ceramides a fantastic ingredient for aging skin too!

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