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Difference between herbal, natural, Ayurvedic and organic products

Difference between herbal, natural, Ayurvedic and organic products for skin and hair

There are many people who are confused and they truly face dilemma when it comes to buying and understanding the difference between herbal, natural, Ayurvedic, and organic products. Well, these products have been really popular among people; still, the base difference they hold is not known by many. 

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about herbal, natural, Ayurvedic, and organic products. Along with this, we will let you know, which of these are better for your skin and hair.  

Herbal products are made from leaves, roots, plant extract, etc. They are not toxic, whereas, Ayurvedic products are made from some heavy metals and may contain toxic levels of metals. 

Organic beauty products are made without using any chemicals, parabenssulfate, or any artificial pesticides, whereas, although, herbal beauty products are taken from natural sources and involve less processing, still, some preservatives may be added at the laboratory before being sold to the customers. 

Ayurvedic products 

To start with, the word Ayurveda is derived from a Sanskrit word ‘Ayur‘, meaning “life and ‘Veda’, meaning “knowledge.” Ayurveda is basically a century-old Hindu science that revolves around the treatment of disease or certain conditions with the use of medicinal plant extracts along with a series of massages, metal extraction, etc. Ayurveda has its own natural ways to treat different ailments.  

Herbal products 

The composition of herbal products contains the extracts of leavesplants, flowers, etc. In other words, herbal products are being prepared from plants for their medicinal significance. They do not possess any chemicals. However,  pesticides are being used for growing some of the ingredients for herbal products.  

In most cases, herbal products are used to improve health and it is said that they can be used for healing wounds as well. Well, however, they are not much relevant when it comes to curing any disease.  

Natural products 

In simpler words, natural products are those which are being made of minerals and plants. The main properties of natural products are that they are free of any synthetic fragrances, preservatives, artificial colors, or any sort of additives.  

However, some chemicals are being used in the growth of some natural ingredients. Chemicals are used to enhance and enrich the development of natural products. Natural products are not being made by man or produced in a laboratory.  

Organic products 

These products are also being generated from plants and other natural things. The only difference is that no chemicals are being used in the growth of organic products. They are being developed without the use of any pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and insecticides. Organics products are known to be entirely safe.  

Organic products are not really tested on animals. In addition to this, they are supervised under a certified body, unlike natural products.  

So, the descriptions of all the four products are good enough for you to learn the difference between them.  

Which out of the four is better for skin and hair? 

Well, all of these products offer benefits in one form or the other. Every skin type varies and different products are being suited to different types of skins. Nevertheless, out of all four, organic products are certainly the best, both for skin and hair. This is because, they do not hold any chemicals, parabens, sulfate, etc. 

After all, chemical-free products are always preferred over chemical-induced products. Adding to this, they can suit and fit any skin type. Thus, it will be beneficial for you to include organic skincare products in your daily skincare and hair care routine. 

Use the products wisely and make sure to have an in-depth knowledge of whatever product you look forward to using.  

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