How does an in-shower lotion works?

The question is How in-shower body lotion works?

The in-shower body lotion is designed to use in the shower as its name describes. These moisturizers get activated by water droplets. Consist of specially formulated mixtures. A layer of oil and emollients deposit on the skin which is absorbed before they are rinsed off.

That’s why used as the last step of the shower routine. It replaces the use of other moistures and creamy lotions.

What are the benefits of In-shower body lotion?

Using in-shower body lotion is a perfect way to streamline your daily skincare routine. It feels irresistibly soft with no stickiness on the skin. So, you can dress up quickly after getting a shower.

How to use In-shower body lotion?

This is a hassle-free way to moisturize your skin. The best part is it’s also suitable for dry skin and can be used after shaving. It cuts down all the post-shower tasks.

STEP #1: Normally rinse off your skin

Rinse your whole body well. As you usually do while taking a shower. This will make your skin wet and ready to apply soap.

STEP #2: Lather up

Apply body wash and lather up well. Cleanse your skin in a proper manner.

STEP #3: Exfoliation

This is a crucial step. Exfoliation opens up skin pores, which will allow the lotion to absorb quickly.

STEP #4: Apply moisturizer

Apply in-shower body lotion on wet skin and slather it properly. Rinse it again. Here are you, ready to go.


What kind of ingredients are used in the in-shower body lotion?

These are a few ingredients that are used in body lotion-water, Petrolatum, glycerine, Hydrogenated coco, fragrance, aluminum starch, sodium hydroxide, Phenoxyethanol. All these ingredients make it different from other lotions.

What are the difference in body wash and shower gel and in-shower body lotion?

The main difference between shower body wash and shower gel lies in the consistency of the material. The body wash is more like liquid soap which is comparable to the liquid dishwasher but the shower gel is more like a gel. Both of them are used to cleanse our skin because they manage dry skin better than soaps.

The In-shower body lotion has entirely different properties to perform. It’s used to moisturize your skin not to cleanse it.

What is the difference between in-shower body lotion and regular lotion?

There is a bigger difference between in-shower body lotion and regular lotion than you probably think. The in-shower body lotion leaves a smooth and supple skin. They are perfect to use year-round, especially anytime your skin is feeling little parched. But the regular lotion may feel sticky on the skin.

Which is the best in shower lotion in the market in 2020?

After a shower your body asks for moisture and providing moisture to our skin is a must. Although it takes an extra 10 min from our schedule. There is a smarter way to provide moisture in the shower. Let’s check out the best In-shower body lotion in the market in 2020.

1-Olay ultra-moisture in-shower body lotion

It contains shea butter which humidifies your skin and makes it soft. It improves hydration and makes it 60% softer.

2-Eucerin in-shower moisturizer

Contains pro-vitamin B5 that nourishes your skin. Keeps your skin moisturized throughout the day.

3-Nivea in-shower body lotion

This lotion is especially for dry skin. Contains almond oil and a water-activated formula that keeps your skin nourished.

4-Curel hydra therapy wet skin moisture

Contains water-activated agents that penetrate into deeper layers of your skin.

5-Hempz in shower hydrating herbal body moisture

Contain 100% natural hemp oil and ginger root extract, which shows anti-inflammatory properties.

6-Nivea in-shower cocoa butter body lotion

Contains cocoa butter extracts that hydrate the skin, moisturizes it and keeps it supple all day long.


Why you should use in-shower body lotion? OR How in-shower body lotion works?
Can you use regular lotion in the shower?

The in-shower body lotion is very different from regular lotion as it does not leave any sticky and oily expressions on skin.

So, you should use in shower body lotion which work more smartly and cut-off all the after-shower tasks. On the other hand, using regular shower lotions in showers is not done. These regular lotions can be applied after a shower because during shower all the lotion gets rinse off and nothing gets absorbed.



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