Cosmetic Products marketing

Marketing tips to promote your cosmetic brand effectively

How to market your cosmetics brand

The market is tough outside. A new brand has to deal with many challenges to survive. But you will be amazed after knowing that the cosmetic industry has created a business of $1.127 billion in 2018. It’s a huge market; you just need to plan your marketing trends to follow to promote your cosmetic brand accordingly.

  • Holistic marketing view
  • Better and faster decision making
  • Analyze the data, to assess the marketing program value
  • Key strategies
  • Identify and eliminate roadblocks
  • A multichannel market

Let’s discuss some cosmetic brand promotion ideas

How to promote cosmetic brands in 2020?

Despite an increasingly saturated market, due to the recession in 2020 beauty has been proven to be a strong investment category. Beauty brands must prove that there is a reason for their existence, one that contributes in some way positively to the environment or to society.

how to market your product in the market

It will be challenging for the beauty industry for being continuously innovative, reach the customer’s expectations, and make consumers make ethical purchasing decisions.

Effective marketing and branding strategies for cosmetic brands will play as a catalyst in increasing your reach to customers

  • Logo

Create a design or a symbol, which represents your brand professionally in front of your audience.

  • Brand promise

Developing trust in your customer’s hearts is a must. So, that they come to you every time and they can also prove to be a referral for your brand.

  • Brand name

Just being natural and manufacturing the product in the right way isn’t going to work. It’s necessary to have a name, through which your product is been recognized.

  • Website

Create a website so that whenever someone is searching for your product, your website will float on the screen and help them out. Just drop the link of your website on social media platforms, so that people can check out from there too.

  • Social media profiles

In this digital world of 2020 going out trendy on social media platforms is going to prove very beneficial for you. Just create a catchy post with hashtags.

Why you should brand your cosmetic brand on social media?

In today’s scenario, the most attractive and cheapest way to promote your brand on a large scale is to promote it digitally. Nevertheless, the credit for connecting more people globally goes to social media platforms. Let’s discuss some digital strategies for beauty brands.

How to market beauty products on social media?

How to market your brand on Social Media

# 1 Beauty brand social media campaigns

Attract customers by initiating fascinating and attention-seeking campaigns. A case study shows that 4 leading cosmetics brand L’Oreal Paris, Lakme, Maybelline New York, and Revlon were promoted on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. The magic of Hash Tags, contests, stories, and attractive post shows its effect and created customers in a bulk for the brand.

# 2 How to promote beauty products on Instagram?

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform because of its short videos and images which encourage more and more active users to share. Each social media influencer on Instagram combines their respective brand awareness with a personal touch and consistent posting to draw users in.

Marketing plans for a cosmetic product on Instagram

  • Create hashtags
  • Attractive post
  • Great description
  • Use Instagram new features
  • Create stories on a regular basis

# 3 How to market and sell beauty products to clients?

You need to have your eyes wide open when you enter into an agreement with your customers. Approaching clients is the last and most crucial step. So, let’s see beauty industry marketing strategies to attract more clients: –

  • Know your niche
  • Make your brand trending
  • Create a buzz around your product
  • Consumers need change according to time
  • Offer testers and samples
  • Make product unique and eye-catching


What is the target market for cosmetics?

Let’s through some light on the number of people engaged in the marketing industry as a buyer. As expected, 88% of the audience is women and most of the population is between 35-44 years of age.

Globally the industry is strong and getting stronger day by day. It is assumed that it will reach up to $716B by 2025.

So, if you are already running a cosmetic brand or planning to launch one, make sure to handover your marketing and brand promotion requirements to a well-experienced agency who can handle everything and help you achieve the objectives.

At Cosmetify, we understand this and have already joined hands with one of the best digital marketing agency for all the branding, designing, and social media requirements of our clients. Our focus has been to provide end to end solutions at one place for the ease of our patrons.



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