How olive oil can enhance your skin quality

How olive oil can enhance the quality of your skin?

olive oil for skin is not new to the beauty and skincare industry. It is one of the ancient ingredients which are used to enhance the quality of the skin. People have been trusting this ingredient and incorporating it into their daily skincare routine. Olive oil is rich in antioxidants that fight free-radical damage, as well as an ingredient called squalene, which is extremely hydrating 

Olive oil has a long, rich history. It’s not only used in foodbut also as a cosmetic treatment for centuries. People prefer olive oil as a skincare ingredient It is used as a moisturizer and skin protectant. 

Olive oil is derived from extracting the oil out of whole olive fruit. It’s rich in monounsaturated fatty acids such as healthy fats that pose a variety of health and cosmetic benefitsand also contains skin-friendly antioxidants. Due to its richness olive oil is considered to be an essential part of the skincare routine.  

Skin benefits with olive oil:  

From moisturizing the skin to reducing dark spots. Olive oil has uncountable benefits for the skin. Following are some benefits of olive oil for the skin: 

  • Skin whitening with olive oil: Olive oil when used daily during the skincare routine can help in repairing the damaged tissues caused due to UV rays of the sun. This can result in the removal of dead skin and whitens the skin. Its antioxidant property can help the skin to shield itself from the harmful sun rays. Using a face mask containing olive oil can make your skin flawlessly glowing. 


  • Olive oil for acne: Olive oil can be used as an oil cleanser. With the oil cleaning method, the skin, with the help of the olive oil dissolves the oilbuilt upon the skin. This not only helps in removing the acne and its scars but also provides clear and glowing skin. Olive oil is beneficial for all skin types and can show miracles when it comes to acne scars. Acne scars are unwanted reminders of acne which can be frustrating and irritating. Olive oil can soothe the skin and can help in repairing the damaged tissues. 


  • Skincare with olive oil: As discussed earlier, incorporating olive oil in your daily skincare routine can help you get rid of pollutants and dirt particles from your skin. It cleans the pores of the skin and removes the dead skin cells. It hydrates the skin by moisturizing it and prevents premature aging. Olive oil can also be used as a makeup cleanser. It breaks makeup products like waterproof mascara and eyeliner. While you are cleaning your makeup, the antioxidants in olive oil are also working to hydrate your eyelashes and under-eye regionOlive oil also works as a natural highlighter making your skin glow naturally.  It is also considered a potent antioxidant. This means it can neutralize the free radicals that are around us all the time. Since free radicals are the basis of cellular aging, using olive oil on your skin can give you a fresh and youthful complexion for a long period of time. 


  • Olive oil for dark spots: Due to high antioxidant properties olive oil works at its level best to repair the tissues of the skin and reduce dark spots and prevent acne.  


How to use olive oil on the face? 

Olive oil for skin benefits:

Many people are under the impression that using olive oil on the face can result in dark spots. Olive oil is a natural cleanser and moisturizer that can do nothing but make your face glow flawlessly.  Using olive oil on the face every night can open clogged pores and will nourish your skin As discussed earlier, olive oil-based face masks can hydrate your skin naturally and help in reducing dark spots, giving you flawless skin your skin.  

Olive oil VS Coconut oil for the skin 

Studies suggest that olive oil is healthier as compared to coconut oil. Olive oil has more good fat – monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, as compared to virgin coconut oil. Coconut oil contains saturated fat, which is termed as bad fat and is advised to be used moderately. The one reason olive oil might overcome coconut oil is that it contains a high number of antioxidants. Other than that, it is also more moisturizing and less abrasive when compared to coconut oil. For dry, sensitive , and mature skin which is not very porous, this makes for a great beauty oil. 

People with normal or dry skin might benefit from adding olive oil to their skincare routine. If you have acne-prone or oily skin, you should definitely be careful with this option and try incorporating it in your daily skincare slowly and gradually and do a patch test. Test it out on your arms or legs, and eventually, if you’re satisfied with the results, use it on your face or other body parts. If you don’t experience any irritation roughly 24 hours after you apply it, it means that it probably won’t cause any further irritation. 

Look for olive oil whenever you purchase your skincare product and you won’t regret your decision.  

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