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Side effects of applying makeup regularly & what can be done about it!

what are the side effects of applying makeup?

Who doesn’t love to rock the glam world once in a while? We definitely appreciate your undying love for makeup, but using it every day can harm your skin extensively. Yes, you read it right, your makeup could make you feel pretty and glamorous one night and burn your skin, the next.

Makeup products contain lots of chemical components that may not suit your skin type, resulting in severe acne breakouts. In fact, applying makeup products regularly can cause itching, irritation, and even untimely aging.

It might make you look glamorous but damages your face in the long run.

Dermatologists all around the world confirm that around 60% of skin diseases are caused due to regular and vigorous use of makeup. As mentioned earlier, the chemicals present in your cosmetics are indeed harming your skin by penetrating through the pores. This can cause adverse reactions and alter the PH of the skin.

However, it is also held responsible for weakening the immunity of the skin and reducing its strength to combat the diseases. And yes, let’s not forget the optimum effect of makeup on the skin; permanent discoloration of the skin.

Also, skin allergies are one of the side effects of using makeup regularly. Many chemical components aren’t tolerated by your skin cells. Some of the allergic reactions to makeup are, rashes, watery eyes, itchiness, and worst of all; acne.

Here’s how your makeup is affecting the skin on your face:

  • Irregular acne breakout

Different and renowned makeup junkies often ask questions like, “Is makeup bad for acne?” or “How will you know your makeup is causing breakouts?” The simple answer to the questions is, yes makeup does cause acne.

Pimples and acne are the most common problems of applying makeup too often. As you all know the skin is the most important as well as a sensitive part of the body. It needs to breathe properly. Sometimes women often forget to take their it down before going to sleep which should be avoided as much as possible. It is also needless to say that applying makeup too often clogs the pores of your skin which eventually leads to the growth of blackheads.

Once you start noticing the red or white spots on your face, or untimely acne, get immediate medical attention.

If you won’t let your skin breathe, it will retaliate in the form of acne. So, make sure to clean your face with natural cleansers every time you put on the makeup.

  • Untimely skin aging

It is no doubt that your skin ages with time, but fine lines and wrinkles in your 20s and mid-30s are not a good sign. The chemicals used in makeup products dry out natural oil from the skin making it dry and contributes to early skin aging. Undoubtedly, prolonged use of make will indeed make your skin look older than its actual age. And since it is impossible to get your younger skin back, cosmetics marketers have the audacity to launch the products that help in combating the aging effect caused by them.

  • Oil-based foundations damage your skin instead of hydrating it.

At some point, you might feel the need to use an oil-based foundation to keep your skin hydrated while the rest of the makeup is on. But what you don’t know is that those foundations and powders tend to dry out your skin and contribute to building an oily sheen layer over the skin. It makes your skin look flaky, dull, and ashen.

Such cosmetics might cause your makeup to clump and crease, especially around your eyelids, cheeks, and the tip of the nose. The only way to combat dry skin is to properly cleanse and moisturize your skin instead of depending on oil-based products.

Plus, you need to drink lots of water to deal with skin hydration.

The bottom line is,

No, we don’t ask you to boycott your entire makeup regime completely. Use it once in a while and use quality and natural products instead of chemical-based products. Apply the makeup responsibly and follow a strict skincare routine. Cleanse, Scrub, and Moisturize; this is all your skin needs and nothing else.

With the increase in pollutants and dust, the last thing you want is to torture your skin with those harsh products. Gear up and beautify your skin from the inside, rather than from the outside.

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