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2021 Skincare routine tips for men to follow

Skin care routine to follow for men

Unlike women, men have a stronger facial structure due to excess facial hair. The skin is thicker due to high collagen and elastin fibers Thicker skin helps in resisting wrinkles and slows down skin aging. Although, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take good care of your skin. Even the healthiest skin faces problems like acne, irritation, rashes, and blackheads. You must follow a strict and healthy skincare routine to maintain the glow and health of the skin. `

Since the skin of men is different than women, they require a slightly different skincare routine. Now the burning question in the beauty industry is, “Why can’t men and women follow the same skincare routine?” The answer to this is very simple, women’s skin is sensitive as compared to men ,and they follow a gentle skincare routine. However, due to excessive oil glands, men need to follow an oil-free skincare routine.

Well, don’t panic we have just the right thing for you. To rejuvenate and elevate your skin’s health here’s what you need to know:

Men’s skincare routine simplified!

Before using any skin care product, first of all, make sure you know what your skin is allergic to. Look for appropriate ingredients in your skincare products and then incorporate them into your skincare routine. Know your skin type. Find out what is best for your skin and look for the appropriate products.

Commence your skincare with gentle cleansers

Cleansing your skin should be the priority while following a skincare routine.

Unlike women, the pollutants and dust get trapped in men’s skin faster and it might result in an acne breakout. Since the skin of men is oiler due to extra sebum secretion, the pollutant and dust refuse to leave your skin. Cleanse your skin with the help of liquid cleansers.

It is dermatologically recommended that one must cleanse their skin at least twice a day. A gentle cleanser won’t contribute to making your skin appear dry or wrinkly. It will remove the unwanted residue from your skin cells. Cleansing has to be step number 1.

  • Pump up on moisturizer

Men might think that they don’t need a moisturizer to keep the pores of their skin hydrated. A good moisturizer helps to trap water in your dermis, giving you glowing and healthy skin. The extra moisture in skin cells results in reducing wrinkles and most importantly; dry skin. Moisturizers that contain organic elements are rich in anti-aging properties. After cleansing dry, your skin gently, make sure to use appropriate moisturizer as per your convenience.

  • Don’t forget to exfoliate regularly.

Dermatologists recommend that men should exfoliate at least twice a week to cleanse the pores deeply. Unclogging pores, and removing dead skin from the upper layer of the skin. However, over-exfoliating can also make your skin excessively dry, so use the exfoliators accordingly. You can also go for natural ingredients- based scrubs to remove the dead skin and blackheads from your skin. Avoid using chemical-based exfoliators and scrubbers to prevent itching and irritation.

  • Stock up on sunscreen

Do you know that the harmful UV rays of the sun damage your skin cells by penetrating through the exposed pores? It is one of the major reasons for skin cancer amongst humans. Use sunscreen before going for your day out. Sunscreen helps in shielding the skin by generating a protective layer above your skin. You need to incorporate sunscreen in your daily skincare routine to avoid those nasty burns. Try to use the sunscreen with SPF 20 or more to gain effective results, regardless of any season.


A recent survey showed that men tend to forget about their skincare routine, which is not healthy. Most importantly, keep a check on your daily food habits. Because no skincare routine can give you the desired results if you are not healthy from the inside. Vitamin D, C, and K will help you to boost the healthy hormones to keep your skin glowing. Also, don’t forget to drink lots of water to stay hydrated and keep nurturing your skin’s health.

Now that you know how to pamper your skin, don’t forget to refer to these aforementioned points before your next skincare routine. What are you waiting for? Gear up and plan your skincare routine ASAP.

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