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Latest Tips on how to nourish your hair the right way

Tips on how to nourish your hair

To oil or not to oil, to condition or not to condition, you’ll get all kinds of conflicting advice from your mothers and grandmothers. Many will ask you to ditch your hair care products, while others will ask you to incorporate some essential hair care products in your daily hair care routine.

Plus, once you being you will always run after mass-produced products that are exaggerated to capture the attention of the audience.

But what is the ideal way to nurture your hair?

Did your teachers or doctors often ask you to take a balanced diet?

But as kids we never listened to them; eating oily and spicy food definitely isn’t going to make your hair healthy.

The first and foremost step is to keep a close check on your diet. Your hair cells are the fastest-growing cells in your body and the first ones to get affected if you don’t eat the right way. Try to include iron-rich foods like green leafy vegetables, fish, pumpkin seeds, beans, chickpeas, soybeans, and most importantly cereal in your diet to maintain a balance.

Dermatologists suggest that one should consume around 12mg of iron daily to maintain the health of their tissues. Also, you need proteins to strengthen your hair follicles. Do not forget to include high protein foods in your diets such as cheese, milk, soy, lentils, quinoa, and yogurt.

Here are some tried and tested ways to nourish your hair follicles:

Know your hair

Yes, before applying anything on your hair, make sure you know what it is craving. For example, if you have dry or dull hair, you need to start focusing on the oiling part, but if you want your hair to be frizz-free you need to take care of its conditioning.

Once you’ll know what your hair needs, you’ll automatically start providing what your hair requires best.

Ditch your chemical-based products:

Many people often experience hair fall after applying chemical-based products. Chemical products contain harmful elements that can cause permanent damage to your hair follicles. If you see ingredients such as ammonium lauryl sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate in your shampoo or any other hair care product, try to use an alternative. These chemicals might provide temporary solutions to your hair problems but could ruin them forever.

It is best if you look for natural products. Organic hair care products consist of natural ayurvedic elements such as aloe vera, egg protein, and other elements. Remember it’s all about the quality.

Follow a regular hair care routine:

Many people forget to follow a regular hair care routine. Dermatologists recommend that one should massage the scalp with suitable oils to keep it hydrated. Oils such as coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, and almond oil contribute to maintaining the health of the hair follicles. It is advised to oil your scalp at least twice a week or as per convenience to keep it healthy and frizz-free.

In fact, shampooing your hair twice a week is not only healthy for your hair but also hygienic and keeps your hair free from dust and pollutants. Plus, don’t forget to condition your hair with suitable conditioners to keep it shiny and entangled.

Caution: Apply your conditioner and leave it for two-three minutes for better results. Rinse well with lukewarm water and avoid taking long and hot showers during winters, no matter how tempting it is.

But hang on!

You know what to do, but do you know what NOT to do? Seems confusing?

Here are some points that can help you to avoid the things that damage your healthy hair.

  1. Do not comb your wet hair as they are prone to breakage. Use a wide teeth comb and gently comb your hair around 2-3 times a day to maintain the flow of natural oils.
  2. Do not apply hair mask too often, as they can overburden your hair and might make them greasy.
  3. Do not over-style your hair as it can permanently burn your hair strands. Avoid using hair straighteners and curlers regularly.
  4. Do not use excessive conditioner on your hair as it can weigh your hair down and might result in breakage.

The bottom line is

There is no hard and fast rule on how to take care of your hair. It totally depends on what is best for your hair type, which can differ from individual to individual. Apart from these above-mentioned points, you can keep trimming your hair once in a while for better growth and rejuvenation.

Look for the best hair care product TODAY and flaunt your picture-perfect hair every day!

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