What is formulation of skin care products?

skin care formulation

We use different skin care products such as lotions, creams, etc. in our day to day lives. Many of us prefer using the products which we think can suit our skins to the fairest. For that, we go through the ingredients of the product. Well, formulations of ingredients are made for creating any such product.

Product formulation is basically understanding different elements and materials and how they act and interact with each other to give way to some specific results in an enhanced and satisfactory way. It works forward to provide better processing of active ingredients in a favorable manner. In the first place, the ingredients are selected and noted down. Once this step is performed, the formulations are tried out. As and when this step takes place, the formulations are reviewed thoroughly before moving on to the next step.

For commercial purposes, formulations are generally produced for skincare products, cleaning agents, cosmetics, drugs, fuels, foods, etc. However, in this article, we will talk about skin care formulation.

Skin care formulation is the art and science of putting ingredients together for making skincare products that enable you to design a product that is effective, safe, and allows to deliver appropriate and relevant results for a specified skin type. The skin care formulations concentrate on using certain ingredients that can help solve a specific skin issue and deliver particular results.

How to formulate natural skin care products?

  • Choose your ingredients wisely – The aroma, color, skin compatibility, etc. are some of the things to be seen in an ingredient. Buy simple ingredients and make sure you know about their usefulness. Since we are talking about natural skin care, formulators tend to look for herbs, leaves, petals, etc. to make a specific targeted natural product.
  • Focus on the formulary target –Well, by now, you are quite sure about using some specific ingredients. So, while making a formulation, make sure to understand the major purpose of the product. Concentrate on the goal that the product claims to offer. For example, type of problem the product addresses, the type of skin it putting its focus on, major benefits it is looking forward to deliver etc.
  • Understand the percentage ranges of an ingredient – It is important to know the percentage of different ingredients to be used in formulating a specific product. The formulator should have precise knowledge regarding the proportion of an ingredient to be used in a product.
  • Make anhydrous skin care products – The best way of starting to make natural skincare product is by using anhydrous skin formulations. These types of formulations do not contain any water, therefore, there is no need for any preservation for the same. Examples of such formulations are body butter, face oils, lip balms etc.

However, if you want to make other products that contain water, you should have some useful strategies to preserve naturally. Make sure that your formulation works well with your natural preservative. Focus on certain significant aspects such as the amount of shelf life the natural preservative offers to your natural skin care product.

So, these are some of the ways to formulate a natural skin care product. Well, to formulate natural skin care products, you need to use the least of chemically induced ingredients. Be as much around herbs, leaves, stalks, petals, buds, barks etc. Some of the natural skin care herbs are Lavender, aloe Vera, chamomile etc.

How much does it cost to formulate a skin care product?

Formulating a product is a time-taking task. A formulator sometimes needs to work on a single formulation several times. However, the cost may vary depending on the amount and type of ingredients. Nevertheless, approximately, a single formulation may cost around a lakh or above in India.

The formulations in a skin-care product are tried numerous times to deliver the best of results. The making of skin-care formulations follows a professional perspective.

Cosmetic formulation

It is important to learn about cosmetic formulas to become a cosmetic chemist. In the cosmetic industry, a person will specialize in particular types of formulation such as hair, skin, colour cosmetics, etc. The colour cosmetics include products for the face such as foundations, eyeliners, highlighters etc. Certain types of ingredients used here are restricted by the government for safety purposes.

Fragrances and personal-care products also fall under this category.

A person needs a high level of understanding and practice to create effectively powerful formulas for skin-care products and cosmetics.

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